Floor Construction

Engineered floors offer great stability and performance as well as better utilization of natural resources. The end result is a more versatile and sustainable product

Essex offers 2 engineered flooring solutions. For widths under 12”, we provide the multi-ply. Our noble collection is a 3 ply balanced construction.

Engineered Multi-ply

The multi-ply core is European marine grade baltic birch plywood with a 4mm or 6mm sawn face. All products are tongue and groove and end matched. The prefinished products are micro-bevel on 4 sides.

3 Ply Balanced Core

Noble Oak and Larch use a 3 ply balanced core construction. This is original old-world technique for engineering floors. We use it for our wider platforms for 2 reasons. The first is that these products are made from hand-selected and old-growth trees. In order to respect and best utilize these rare trees, all the raw material that does not meet the face grade standards gets used on the back of the floor. This means 95% of the tree is utilized. Furthermore, this style of engineering is ideal for wider planks. It uses the same species wood on the face and back with a spruce fir core. This creates a more dynamic construction that allows the floor to observe the rhythms of nature and absorb the normal variations in humidity and temperature.